Discover with Your Child
in our sheltered outdoor classroom

Parent and Child Accompanied Sessions 
Toddlers - 3 years. 
Tuesdays and Thursdays 3pm-4.15pm

Through the Discover with Your Child Sessions, children will make real life connections as they explore the outdoor classroom environment and forge solid foundations for all future learning. Parents will gain a new level of understanding, become natural observers of their own children and in turn be able to extend on their child’s learning at home. 

Expect to be involved in sand and water play, art and painting, care of the school rabbit, gardening, nature walks, music and cooking. - This programme also adopts an emergent style curriculum based upon the interests of the children in the group.

Discover with the Child in Your Care
in our sheltered outdoor classroom

Domestic Helper and Child accompanied sessions 
Toddlers - 3 years 
Wednesday 3pm-4.15pm


Jointly inspired by the success of the parent and child accompanied programmes and Brentwood  passion and knowledge in supporting the professional development of domestic workers , we chose to launch an accompanied programme exclusively for domestic helpers and the children in their care. 

Children are free to explore the beautiful environment in the outdoor classroom and be involved in provocations and experiences that have been set up by the Brentwood Reggio Kids  team. 

Your helper will be encouraged to be with your child when appropriate and also learn, with the guidance of the teachers, how to stand back and observe. Due to nature of this unique programme, your helper will gain confidence and knowledge whilst at play and should in turn transpire to become a natural observer and experience how to translate these observations into new play experiences at home.

Discover with your Infant and Toddler
in our Reggio Inspired Atelier

Parent and Child accompanied Programme 
From 6 - 30 months 
Schedule: Please call 


On June 2015, Brentwood Reggio Kids  opened the first dedicated Reggio Inspired Infant and Toddler atelier on the Nursery Room  of Brentwood. 

Having seen firsthand the outcome of heavily theme based and structured programmes for younger children, that only focus on the product and not the process- Shona Sanosi, the school director became truly engaged when the opportunity arose to open an atelier where children as young as 6 months can engage with real and open ended materials. 

The space is equipped with furniture that is made in Italy and was a direct outcome of the children, spaces, relations research project (Reggio Children, Domus Academy, 1998), and the result of on-going collaboration between designers, architects and the world-renowned schools at Reggio Emilia. This is the first time that this furniture has been in a public space in Singapore. 

It is important to note that the atelier is not a soft play centre. The environment is furnished with a combination of soft and hard furnishings, lending itself to exploration and discovery, similar to that of an interactive children's museum and our own pre-school classrooms

Discover the Language of Art
in one of our many Ateliers

Parent and Child accompanied sessions + non accompanied for older children 
From 12 months-6 years 
Schedule: Please call


The foundations of the Reggio philosophy are centred on the image of the child. Children are seen as capable and resourceful members of the community with one hundred ways of communicating their ideas and understandings of the world. Our series of art programmes offer children of all ages the opportunity to express and explore these ideas and understandings. 

The focus is on the process involved in creating the finished product that tells the story of the children’s research and learning that has occurred. Through conversations, observations and collaboration of knowledge and information the children reach their destination. 

Depending on the schedules, classes may be facilitated by one or more of the resident artists that Blue House is proud to have under its roof, or a series of Brentwood early childhood educators who specialise in this area.

Discover the Language of Music
in our atelier and musical garden

Parent and Child accompanied sessions+ non accompanied for older children 
From 6 months-6 years 
Schedule: Please call 


Discover Art and Science
in our Observatoire

Children Aged: 4 years +
Schedule: Summer camps 9am-12noon- April and May
For Regular class schedule - please call 


In her Observatoire, scientist-artist in residence Isabelle Desjeux invites children to come and wonder with her at the natural world, and run experiments. Using the tools of the artist (observing, drawing, expressing emotions) and of the scientist (observing, formulating and testing hypothesis), our surroundings becomes one giant playground to be explored and where inventions might flourish.  

Regular classes will give a solid grounding in drawing or in running a science project. More advanced classes and camps will merge the two, at a pace dictated by the individual children's interest. 

The non-judgemental environment lets children progress in the direction most suited to each. Children build confidence through owning their own projects, and through the joy of discovering by doing themselves.


Discover French
at Brentwood Reggio Kids

Parent and Child accompanied sessions+ non accompanied for older children 
From 12 months to 6 years 
Schedule: Please call 


The ability to speak other languages and function within the global community is an international aspiration for the 21st century. Research has shown that there are numerous benefits for children who learn a second language from a young age. From a social perspective, children develop a life-long love of communicating with others and embrace a greater appreciation for diversity. 

Why learn French? 
There are numerous reasons why schools worldwide are introducing French into their programmes.  Introducing your children to this ancient language will open up the doors of opportunity for the future and commence a journey into new cultures and understandings of the world around them. 

For children to be exposed to the language of French  in a play based and creative context and stay true to the school philosophy- Reggio Emilia approach 

Engage in interactions with a native French  speaker to discover and explore the language. 

Encourage children to conduct and understand simple communication in French.

Discover Drama and Dance


Parent and child accompanied sessions 18 months plus
Non-accompanied programmes 4-years plus 



Sir Adel  is a theatre professional and a graduate of Brentwood  College, Philippines  and before joining the Brentwood Reggio Kids  team he taught at the Elementary and High School and College . Adel  is highly skilled at singing, dancing and drama and has achieved high distinctions in each discipline. 

Discover Drama- 18 months plus
Your child will learn and develop through their imagination, and the imaginations of the children around them. Through the exploration of central ideas that the children will choose, they will feel pride and ownership towards the work they do.  Your child will be introduced to the wonderful world of theatre; introductory performance skills not only improve skills in performance, but also in life.


Discover Ballet  2.5 -5 year olds
This course is designed to inspire young children to develop a keen interest in ballet and other dance forms. Your child will have fun learning ballet in an exciting and vibrant environment. Being active, gaining confidence, developing social skills, and having a sense of pride are just some of the benefits that Ballet can offer.


X Factor 4-7 year olds
A fun and highly energetic course! Your child will learn and apply dance and singing techniques and there will even be an opportunity for families to come  and see what we’ve been working on at the end of each term! We will use contemporary pop music, upbeat and ballad, to introduce your child to performance and all the benefits it has to offer.


Musical Theatre 6-13 year olds 
A professionally designed, production based course. Your child will learn detailed technique in singing, dance, and acting with a view to performance. The class is fun, and also challenging. This is a great course for those with a keen and active interest in theatre. We have our main production towards the end of term, which promises to be a very special 

A professionally designed, production based course for budding actors and actresses. We will cover a wide range of theatre techniques; improvisation, character workshops, voice work, comedic and dramatic timing, script analysis, devising, and mime. The course is fun, and is designed to challenge the creativity of each of its students.


This course is a fun (often hilarious) introduction to improvisation – think ‘Whose line is it anyway?’ The course is for 13 year olds+ (adults are more than welcome!)