♦ Reading and language arts,

            ♦ Math,

            ♦ Social studies,

            ♦ Science,

            ♦ Health,

            ♦ Physical education,

            ♦ Art,

            ♦ Music,

            ♦ Environmental education, and

            ♦ Computer literacy


For kindergarten, an integrated and developmentally appropriate curriculum - not a curriculum taught by subject area. Such a curriculum would incorporate the concepts from the required subject areas.


The Brentwood Model Early Learning Standards provide a framework for the development of program, curriculum, and assessment practices. Resources on curriculum options are also referenced. Children who meet the developmental expectations outlined in the Brentwood Model Early Learning Standards will be prepared to master Brentwood  Model Academic Standards.


When teachers in four-year-old kindergarten programs are looking for additional guidance, subject areas can be incorporated as follows:


            ♦ Reading and language arts should be approximately 30% of the curriculum.


            ♦ Math, social studies, science, health, physical education, art, and music should be approximately 10% each of the teacher directed curriculum activities.


            ♦ Environmental education and computer literacy should also be integrated into other subject areas.


            ♦ Physical education, art, and music can be completely integrated into the curriculum under the direction of a teacher licensed in that subject area or it can be taught directly by a teacher licensed in that subject area.


            ♦ Up to one third of each day may be in student self-directed activities.